Partner in Compliance as an external compliance officer

You can choose to appoint in-house talent or outsource the position of compliance officer. Does your organization want to outsource the compliance function? Do you need extra capacity, temporarily or for a longer period of time? Then Partner in Compliance is there for you!

How do we work?

Partial or full outsourcing
The compliance landscape and the required knowledge are very diverse and dynamic. Does it seem too challenging to fill the position internally with the right talent? Does cost remain a key factor in your decision not to hire internally? Then benefit from our current knowledge and experience as your external compliance officer. You can choose to fully outsource the compliance function, or do it partially — what we call co-sourcing. We will support your internal compliance officer or department with our knowledge and experience. You can also let us perform all operational compliance activities for your organization.

What is the result?

Knowledge and awareness
For many years, Partner in Compliance has been the external compliance officer for various financial institutions, such as pension funds, investment institutions, and (smaller) banks. As a result, our consultants know the rapidly changing financial market and regulatory landscape better than anyone. They believe that integrity is vital in every workplace and can therefore help you to increase awareness of the importance of integrity within your organization.

How do you benefit from working with us?

We are closely monitoring what is happening in the field of compliance from the perspective of (European) legislation and the demands of the supervisory authorities. Hence, together with your organization we can anticipate any possible scenario.

We offer you an external compliance officer for a fixed price per year. You can always indicate the areas you wish to lie the focus, such as:

  • performing the Systematic Integrity Risk Analysis (SIRA);
  • functioning as a contact point for integrity issues;
  • providing workshops to raise internal awareness of the importance of integrity.

Our external compliance officer can perform additional work, such as an investigation in the event of a possible integrity breach, at a competitive hourly rate.

Partner in Compliance offers you a permanent contact person who knows your organization well. Together with you, we monitor the compliance activities and make the reports.