Since 2012, Partner is Compliance is the leading specialist in compliance. From our headquarters in Amstelveen we serve our customers worldwide. For our customers based in the Caribbean, we have an office in Willemstad, Curacao.

Our headquarters

At our Amstelveen office, we take care of our day-to-day management of the company business and its contact with clients and candidates. We also manage and support our people who work on assignments for our clients. Our managers, recruiters, trainers and People Development/HR teams work from our office in Amstelveen.

KYC Centre

Amstelveen is where our Know Your Customer (KYC) Centre is located. In here, our analysts perform all KYC activities for clients who prefer not to have their work carried out in-house, but rather on-site. Therefore, we have provided well-facilitated workplaces for a complete project team. A project manager, who is present on-site, is responsible to successfully oversee a project and daily operations.