As part of corporate social responsibility, we encourage our people to volunteer. We are strongly convinced that it is important for the community and for our people. By offering the opportunity to engage socially, we contribute to their mental vitality. They are truly proud of what they can do for others, and they enjoy doing it.

Examples of projects in December

Our people have signed up for two volunteer projects for the elderly. In the Vreugdhof, nursing home in Amsterdam and Bezuidenhout care center in The Hague. Kudos to the group of our new colleagues who chose to volunteer in Amsterdam and organized the whole day themselves. What a great start!

We are proud of our people who volunteer a few days a year as part of CSR.
Xanne-Li van der Veen

A very merry afternoon making Christmas decorations

An enthusiastic group paid a visit to the Vreugdhof nursing home in Amsterdam-Zuid (Amsterdam South). Together with the residents in one-on-one groups, they were making Christmas decorations. Some pieces turned out better than others, but no one missed out on fun and attention!

Christmas dinner for and with the elderly

Foundation Present Den Haag has organized a Christmas dinner for the residents of the Bezuidenhout care center. A group of volunteers helped preparing an amazing five-course Christmas dinner in the care center’s restaurant. From assisting in the kitchen to serving the dishes. It was possible to join the dinner, which happened to be a great opportunity to talk to the residents. What a beautiful and unforgettable experience they offered for the elderly! Something to be proud of.

These were successful volunteer days for the elderly and our people!