Danny is founder and CEO of Partner in Compliance. An experienced practitioner. Danny is pleased to introduce himself.

I started as an independent consultant

As a lawyer, I specialize in supervisory legislation, compliance risks, and compliance risk management. As an independent consultant with my legal and business economics background, I advised many large and smaller financial institutions in the field of compliance. This includes the implementation of and compliance with supervisory legislation. I have also assisted many organizations in applying for a license. All this with a mainly pragmatic and hands-on approach.

Life has two rules: #1 Never quit #2 Always remember rule #1.
Danny Smit

Grown into a compliance consultancy firm

Partner in Compliance rose from my need to transfer knowledge and teach new people the compliance profession. I also had and still have the ambition to offer continuity of services to our clients and help more organizations. This is more achievable for a consultancy firm with many specialists than an independent consultant’s role. I am proud that our agency makes it possible. Partner in Compliance is still a no-nonsense organization with a pragmatic approach, high-quality compliance knowledge, and experience in translating laws and regulations into practice. 

Transferring knowledge is a significant driver

Transferring my knowledge and practical experience is my driving force. We are collectively contributing to building a solid knowledge foundation, integrity awareness, and best practices. But for me, the transfer goes beyond our clients and our people. As a Tijdschrift voor Compliance editorial staff member, I have an even greater reach and can disseminate my knowledge more broadly.

Extensive network

Due to my passion for compliance, I have developed an extensive network over the years with various companies, institutions, regulators, and compliance consultants. Based on my network and extensive experience, I can give our clients direction in meeting supervisory authorities’ expectations. I often have a long-term relationship of trust with our clients, and I can be their Partner in Compliance, whenever a client needs me.

A personal tip

You read and hear a lot about office dogs these days. A pet-friendly office is a positive workplace. At Partner in Compliance we have our office dog, Disco. A headstrong, cheerful, and always wagging Labradoodle. His dedication does wonders: he keeps stress at bay and makes our workplace relaxed. Disco encourages us to get away from our desks, for a break, or a short leisurely stroll. He makes everyone feel at ease and is a great conversation opener for job applicants and (potential) clients who visit our office for the first time. Less stress at the office? Consider an office dog.