As Chief Commercial Officer, Maarten is part of the Partner in Compliance Board of Directors. Based on his drive to offer solutions for complex compliance issues and to do this with his own people, he is mainly involved in sales and recruitment. Maarten is pleased to introduce himself.

If it can't be done the way it should be done, then it has to be done the way it can be done.
Maarten C. de Jong

Tell us something about yourself so we can get to know you better

Meeting new people and pushing boundaries, that’s what I like. While backpacking, I get in touch with all kinds of people and hear many exciting stories. It’s a fantastic and enriching experience. Being open to people and helping them connect is a great part of my job. The way we are building teams at Partner in Compliance is an excellent example of that.

I push my limits not only with my travels but also every time I run. I go faster and faster until I hit my limit. We do the same for our clients. We go to extremes for our clients to offer them the best solutions, no matter how complicated the case is. As a typical Frisian, I am tenacious. I do not give up until I know for 110% that I have done everything to reach the goal, also for our clients. My motto is: if it can’t be done the way it should be done, then it has to be done the way it can be done.

Why did you join Partner in Compliance?

In the years before Partner in Compliance, I worked in the financial sector after graduating in economics. Even then, I focused on solving complex (risk) issues by recruiting the right people. This background and experience fit well with my actual focus. What appealed to me then and still appeals to me in Partner in Compliance is that it is a knowledge-based organization specialized in one field. This field remains challenging due to the continuous change. Unlike the organizations where I worked before, we have the right knowledge and experience to solve client issues ourselves.

What is your passion for your work?

My passion is twofold: connecting with people and providing solutions to complex issues. It gives me satisfaction that we invest in our people. On the one hand, by helping them to increase their knowledge, and on the other, by building close-knit teams. How wonderful it is to be able to work for such a knowledge-based organization! When solving complicated cases, we can make a difference by offering a sustainable solution.

Where do you find your motivation to enjoy coming to work every day?

In connecting people. When we, for instance, organize participation in the Dam to Dam Run with our company team. We train together before the run. This ensures that at the start, we stand as one team. Teambuilding also happens through other activities such as organizing a ski trip – including all the preparations upfront that let us be in shape at the slope – and a pub quiz. These activities make our teams work well together, which guarantees the continuity of our services.