How did you start your job at Partner in Compliance?

Partner in Compliance approached me on LinkedIn to find out if I was interested in getting to know the company and also to see if it would be the right fit for me. And I was. I thought it would be a matching opportunity after graduating from Criminology, where I learned about the banks’ methods to combat financial-economic crime. Also, I’m good with numbers. That all turned out to be a solid base.

I remember having my first interview with Maarten, one of our directors. He took the time to explain to me the world of compliance. We both enjoyed the conversation. It all felt right and I decided to go for it. A month later I was already starting as an analyst.

Proactivity is appreciated. Come up with a good plan and it will be taken seriously.
Berend ter Steege

How has your career gone so far?

I started as an analyst in a young team, with people who had similar background and shared the same attitude. A great team with helpful colleagues. You can really feel the team spirit here. And you learn the compliance profession in practice through the things you encounter and by discussing it with each other. It’s a steep learning curve.

At work, you’re never on autopilot. It remains fun because you keep coming across new things. From analyst I made the step to team lead and then to project manager on a new CDD project. In my last role I am being coached by an experienced project manager. I also have a position at Team Training and Development. It’s great that in this way I can contribute to the development of training and courses that Partner in Compliance offers, for our clients and for our own employees. I also regularly give training courses myself.

How do you want to grow within the company?

The challenge for me is optimizing the project design. It depends on the client, the systems, the available information and the issue the client is facing. I’d like to move forward towards management. After just three and a half years, I’ve been offered this opportunity.

How does Partner in Compliance help you with your development?

My training has mostly been learning on-the-job, in addition to professional practice in the field of transaction monitoring and CDD. In my second year, Partner in Compliance offered all its employees – myself included – the opportunity to become CAMS (Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist) certified. This allows me to demonstrate that in addition to practical experience I also have current theoretical knowledge. Partner in Compliance stands for quality and offers me the space and opportunity to maintain my professional knowledge updated continually. Part of this involves CAMS recertification taking place every three years.

Furthermore, I learn many different aspects of the compliance profession through project-based work. Also sparring with my colleagues on projects and during management peer-to-peer coaching evenings contributes to my development. In addition, I can always reach out to People Development to think along with me about my growth and suggest further opportunities. Taking this initiative is entirely my responsibility.

If you think about skyrocketing your career growth path within a company, Partner in Compliance is the right choice. You don’t get it on a silver platter, so you need to show initiative and create your own opportunities. However, if you do that, it immediately pays off. Just like in my case: getting promoted from an analyst to a team lead and now a project manager in no time.

What makes PiC such a great company?

I especially appreciate the good atmosphere and working with like-minded people. Partner in Compliance is growing fast, but the initial feeling of being an open and accessible company remains. It feels small. You can talk to everyone. Proactivity is appreciated. Come up with a good plan and it will be taken seriously. Never underestimate: fun events are organized, such as after work drinks, pub quizzes, a yearly Summer Event and ski trip. Events together with colleagues: fun.

What also appeals to me is that we really only deal with compliance. That is why clients see us as the specialist. Would you like to orient yourself and develop in the financial sector? Then Partner in Compliance is not the right place. Do you want to work in the compliance field for the specialist? Then you know you’re in the right place! For me, in addition to the subject matter and providing training, working in a project-based environment with a good energy is the reason to continue my career at Partner in Compliance.