Eveline works as a FEC analyst at Partner in Compliance. She comes from the market research industry and has decided to make a career switch to compliance research. In an interview with the NOS about the high demand for FEC analysts, Eveline explained her switch to compliance. She is happy to tell you in more detail below how she ended up at Partner in Compliance, about her application, and how she has been experiencing it so far.

The moment I track something down always gives me a boost.
Eveline Wiertz

Partner in Compliance in scope for a career switch

After having enjoyed working in commercial market research for 13 years, I needed a change. I wanted to continue using my research skills, but in a way that was more socially relevant. While doing my Google search, I came across research on financial economic crime. I took the time to read up and orientate myself at various companies. Partner in Compliance stands out from the other companies because it is open to the different backgrounds of the people who work there. The company is distinctly human at its core and focuses much on its people That was the reason for me to apply.

Open discussion during the application process

In response to my email, Rob Duijs, Chief Talent Officer, called me to gauge why I wanted to make a career switch. We quickly agreed to continue with our conversation. In the first meeting at the office, Rob introduced me to an analyst’s work, the social importance of it, and the atmosphere within our company. Rob indicated that my research background particularly triggered his interest. During that first meeting, we also discussed why it might be of interest to me and whether I would fit in with Partner in Compliance. After having a good conversation with Rob, a second interview round followed, with Denise van de Water. Denise is a compliance consultant, and she also works as a team lead. I asked her many job-related questions and questions about how the research process works in practice. Denise carefully explained what the work entails and how our project teams operate. This convinced me that the role matched well with my passion for research. I certainly get energy from putting the puzzles together. We agreed that Partner in Compliance and I were a good fit. An offer followed in no time

Happy with the terms of employment

The employment conditions of Partner in Compliance certainly appeal to me. Even though I switched from an experienced market researcher to an entry-level FEC analyst, my salary is satisfying. I also like the growth perspective in terms of salary. What is very important to me as a working mother is that I don’t have to work 40 hours a week. This makes it easy to keep a healthy work-life balance. The work is demanding, but always within office hours.

After several introductory training courses and mainly on-the-job training, I started the internal KYC Analyst course. In the second year, I can obtain the CAMS certification from the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS).

Partner in Compliance cares for its people

Of course, the super interesting field and the good salary were important in my decision to work at Partner in Compliance. But the decisive factor was the attention given to me as a person and the open atmosphere. It feels like a small organization with no visible hierarchy, you quickly get to know everyone, and you know who to call if you have questions. Even though I work on a project for a client, I definitely feel like I work at Partner in Compliance. I notice that this organization really cares about its people and invests in them. In addition to extensive training and education, there is enough room to gain more experience and to train the intuition that you need in making good analyses. The support of the senior analysts and the QA’s certainly helps.

The project team is diverse in age. There are also analysts of my age with similar interests. Within the team you are not each other’s competitor, but colleagues sharing the same goal: working with the belief that integrity is important.

Right switch

From my previous work experience, I know how to do thorough research and report properly. For me, the FEC research is always fascinating: every client is different. The moment I track something down always gives me a boost.

There is quite a bit of administrative work involved. It is important that you document everything well so that the research is reproducible. Good reporting is crucial. It can be read by various supervisory organizations and may even be included in a criminal investigation.

Thanks to my research background, I am used to having conversations. I notice that I know how to hit the right chord when interacting with clients to get the required information. This comes in handy in my work.

Due to many courses and on-the-job training, I feel that I am soon the specialist again — even in a new field. My future challenge is to investigate more complex clients. Moving to Partner in Compliance was the right step on my career path, to a field of work that continuously has a lot to offer.

Our piece of advice

Are you interested in working as an FEC analyst, but are you unsure whether your field of study or work experience matches the job? Please reach out to Maarten C. de Jong. Do you want to do socially important work? Are you motivated, analytically strong, curious by nature and precise in your work? And are you a team player? Then there is a good chance that you will find a place at Partner in Compliance. Even if you are planning a career switch. We are always looking for people from different backgrounds.

Eveline and other colleagues from Partner in Compliance were featured in the Dutch NOS news broadcast of October 6, 2019, about the high demand for FEC analysts. Watch the news broadcast. The item starts at 04:39 minutes and lasts 3 minutes.

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