Our compliance consultants help organizations to strengthen their compliance and integrity programs. Whether it concerns a customer’s inquiry, drawing up or improving a compliance policy, mapping integrity risks, providing awareness sessions or compliance training. Our consultants are aware of the latest developments in the field, have a clear vision, knowledge and experience. They work efficiently, thoroughly and have a broad perspective.


Giving advice

Following up on the client’s inquiry, our consultants firstly analyze the client's situation. They work in a close collaboration with a customer and look beyond the request or the question itself. The current implementation of a compliance program, together with the level of knowledge within an organization determine the starting point. So you benefit from our most relevant advice and a proposal for adjustments. However, it does not stop there. Our consultants also assist with implementation strategies and provide aftercare. Think, for instance, of an interpretation of applicable laws and regulations when introducing a new product or entering a new market.

Providing internal compliance training

A practical advice we often give to our clients, is to increase their employees' knowledge of compliance. Our consultants, who have deep understanding of your business and current situation, draw up a tailored program and provide the training.

Providing integrity workshops

Out of passion for compliance and integrity, our compliance consultants regularly offer sessions to our clients as a means of strengthening the integrity awareness of their employees. Sessions usually take place upon client’s request or as a result of a given advice.

SIRA (Systematic Integrity Risk Analysis)

Our consultants are ready to assist you in all phases of the SIRA. Together with you, they go through the risk management cycle and set it out. This includes identifying scenario’s and scoring gross risks rating in relation to the risk appetite or assessing control measures for effectiveness, which is necessary for scoring net risks rating.