Our external compliance officers are practitioners with years of experience. They are attentive listeners who concentrate on your current situation and business needs. They know which legal requirements are imposed. Being considerate about your business needs, they dare to say no. Our external compliance officers engage people in your organization to increase integrity awareness.


Drafting up and implementing compliance policies and procedures

Our external compliance officers draft or adjust the compliance policies and procedures for your organization. This may be due to new or amended regulations, but also new insights as a result of, for instance, ongoing risk assessment activities within your organization. Our external compliance officers support you in the implementation stage of amended policies and procedures, or in the transition to and set up of new compliance processes.

Giving advice

Our external compliance officers provide you with significant substantive advice on compliance matters, including integrity notifications, privacy-related topics or due diligence of customers and (outsourcing)partners, including the control thereof. Also, our external compliance officers will help in terms of any questions regarding laws and regulations or how to remain in compliance with them in the event of changes.

Increasing awareness of the importance of integrity among employees

In addition to knowledge of laws and regulations in the field of compliance, soft skills are also very important. We can see this reflected in workshops we provide for our customers, with the purpose of increasing internal awareness of the importance of integrity.


Our external compliance officers supervise and monitor adherence to your compliance policy and procedures.