Our project teams are well-attuned and offer our clients extensive expertise or additional resources to eliminate a backlog or to help with ad hoc thematic reviews. Whether it’s about advising, setting up, managing or staffing compliance projects, our team of experts can cater to all, including aftercare.


Staying attuned

Our project teams consist of like-minded and well-attuned individuals with different expertise and different roles. Behind the scenes, our project teams form a pyramid of various junior to senior analysts' positions, quality assurance (QA) consultants, team leads and a project manager. Each layer in the pyramid is defined by specific knowledge and experience. The substantive qualities of our people determine which role in the project fits them best.

Building a well-balanced team

The strength of our project team, or the pyramid, lies in finding the right balance between different roles or layers. Introducing changes to this pyramid structure, by for example removing the layer of senior analysts, could disrupt coherence and harmony within the team. However, too many senior analysts or not enough junior analysts don't work either. We therefore ensure a good balance by matching the right talent with the right role.

Close-knit team

At Partner in Compliance, we all trust each other. Our people are critical when necessary but always respectful of each other and enthusiastic about exchanging their knowledge. Thereby they form a strong team in which they jointly achieve optimal collaboration.

Our own people driven by the same passion

At Partner in Compliance, we pride ourselves on our people, culture and values. The people we appoint to our project teams share our DNA. They are passionate about integrity, stand for sustainability and have a practical attitude.