Would you like to work with us? Then you should know that we attach great importance to creating a strong and long-lasting relationship with you. We consciously invest in our people. That is of course beneficial for you, for us and also for our clients. We put a significant emphasis on having talents with right knowledge and experience to be able to solve clients’ issues ourselves. Our employees are crucial in this process. The People Development/HR team therefore cares about the employment relationship between our people and Partner in Compliance and about their development, both personally and professionally. They ensure that you are in the right role within our organization and that you can add value to our clients.

The optimal match is our priority: the right people, with the right competences and knowledge, in the right place.
Team PD/HR


Investing in our people

Our people are Partner in Compliance and they determine the success of our organization. It is crucial to offer our clients the highest quality services and the right people for an assignment. Our Team People Development/HR plays an important role here. They communicate between our clients and people on the projects, and therefore are able to make optimal matches.

If an employee misses specific knowledge or competencies that are important for an (upcoming) assignment, they will help an employee with finding an optimal development path. We invest in our people for themselves, for us and for our clients. Investing in our people is our strength.

Connection with our organization

Our HR people ensure that the employment relationship is well organized. Do you have questions about your employment or want to take some time off? Are you sick? Do you need to adjust your contract? Then our HR heroes are there for you. Additionally, you have your personal contact person from People Development who knows your assignment, your client and you. In fact, it is a link between you, the client and Partner in Compliance. Your contact person is also your personal coach who conducts performance and development interviews with you. If you need anything related to your current assignment, if you have career wishes or other things to discuss, our People Development team is always there for you.

Development plan

At Partner in Compliance, we believe that you learn the most in practice. By just doing and experiencing. In this way you find out what suits you or not, you discover your goals and how to achieve them. Ultimately, you are the one responsible for your professional development and self-awareness. However, our people form People Development/HR are happy to help you with your development plan, in terms of knowledge and skill sets. With two goals. The first goal is to successfully match our people and extra resources we need for our assignments. The other goal is to fulfil the promise that Partner in Compliance is a true knowledge partner. In order to achieve it and keep knowledge of our people up to date, Team People Development/HR collaborates closely with Team Training and Development.

Permanent contact person for our clients

At Partner in Compliance, we like short lines of communication. Do our people work on an assignment at your organization? Then you have a permanent contact person from our People Development/HR team. The biggest priority for your contact person is to make sure that the assignment is running smoothly at an operational level, as agreed in advance. Does your project require more specific knowledge? Are there any activities coming up for which you will need more resources or different expertise? For these and any related matters, you get in touch with your contact person.