Everyone in our recruitment team is a people person. Always open, transparent and clear in the communication. As we continuously grow as a company, we are always looking for new talents to join our projects and our office teams. Therefore, our recruiters have their hands full as they talk to many candidates daily, including starters on the job market and experienced compliance professionals. Our recruiters are the sparring partner for our colleagues and clients in drawing up the profile of the candidates we need. To select the best talents for our clients, they search across the available talent pool, for both external and internal hires.

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Recruiting candidates

We publish our vacancies on our website and on social media. Our recruiters review the resumes and applications we receive, including open applications. They also actively search for candidates themselves through our network and talent pool, via LinkedIn and their contacts at universities and colleges.

Interview process with candidates

If our recruiters think you are the right fit for us, they will give you a call to see if there is an actual click. If yes, then they will invite you for an introductory meeting at our office. Our recruiters are especially interested in where your interests lie within the field of compliance. They are curious and will ask you critical questions in search of your motivation. They will also check whether our goals match yours.

Personal contact

Our recruiters are open and personal in their contact with you as a candidate. Just as we treat each other within Partner in Compliance. During the application process you have a permanent contact person within our recruitment team. Your contact person ensures that you know what and when the next step is. You will also discuss the terms of employment with your contact person.

Expanding network

As we continuously grow as a company, our recruiters are busy expanding their network on the compliance job market. They do this through their contacts with colleges and universities and by offering internships to students after they have completed their second year of study. Are you a starter on the job market or an experienced compliance professional and do you want to work with us? We are always happy to get in touch with you. If we see opportunities for you, now or in the future, we will invite you for an introductory meeting.