Are the employees within your organization familiar with current norms, values, laws and regulations that must be followed? This appears essential for a compliance function to be effective. We like to think along with you to discover the training needs for your organization.

Partner in Compliance Academy

Our trainers design and tailor the selection of trainings and certified courses at our Partner in Compliance Academy. To keep knowledge and skills up to date, for customers and for our people.

Also, for compliance training, we are your Partner in Compliance.

Customized training

Is tailored training more effective? A training that is fully customized to the knowledge needs and activities of your organization? Then our trainers, who are experienced compliance professionals, can develop and deliver these tailor-made training courses. Better than anyone else, they understand the questions that can arise in risk management and in the translation of laws and regulations into daily practices. After all, how can you provide training on sanctions compliance at a bank when you have no understanding of how, for instance, a letter of credit works?

The choice is yours

Do our trainings and courses at the Partner in Compliance Academy offer the right solution? Or is a tailor-made training more suitable? We like to think along with you. Please contact Maarten C. de Jong to discuss how we can serve your organization.


On a small scale, on-site or at our location

Due to the small-scale of our courses, we can guarantee individual attention. Face-to-face contact facilitates the gain of knowledge. Depending on your needs, the training can be given on-site, online or at our location.

Interactive training courses, applicable in practice

Customized training courses focus directly on your organization’s needs. They are designed to fit your activities, compliance knowledge and level of integrity awareness. Day-to-day cases your employees work with and its high degree of interaction guarantee to increase the practical applicability of our training courses.

Best practices

Compliance programs and strategies could often be strategically better planned and designed more efficiently. We also know how this is achievable by applying a risk-based approach along with our best practices. All this is always fully in line with the requirements of the supervisory authorities. In our training programs we are sharing our best-practice approach with the participants.

Certified compliance consultants and CDD/AML analysts

Our people are certified professionals, either through our own training courses or, for instance, ACAMS. All compliance training courses that we offer are developed and delivered by our own trainers.