At Partner in Compliance, we always keep looking for talented young professionals. Many young graduates have already joined us. In collaboration with colleges and universities, campus recruitment is important for us to get in touch with even more young talents. For the students, it is a great opportunity to be introduced to the field of compliance.

What makes compliance interesting?

In the news, you come across reports on compliance issues almost every day. Think of corruption, multinationals accused of tax evasion, and fines imposed on financial institutions for failing to prevent money laundering. Especially customer integrity, a part of compliance, is put under the spotlight. Customer due diligence has moved up the political agenda because it plays an important role in preventing money laundering and terrorist financing. Compliance is interesting because it is relevant to society.

We want you to know where to find us for an interesting job at a great company that operates in a socially relevant field.
Xanne-Li van der Veen

What can Partner in Compliance do for a university, college, or student association?

We want to introduce students to our wonderful field of compliance through campus recruitment and expose them to future perspectives and opportunities. Although there is much attention for compliance in society, there is no specific study for it yet. However, some university (WO) and college (HBO) studies tie in well. Criminology, Forensic Investigation, Law, Business Administration, or Business Economics would be a good example. In collaboration with the university or college, we provide workshops to offer a glimpse behind the scenes. We regularly provide guest lectures on the various specialist topics within compliance.

Why is campus recruitment important to Partner in Compliance?

Young people are our future. A large proportion of our people are starters on the job market. We want to explain to these young talents what our business entails and spark their enthusiasm.

Do only recent graduates work at Partner in Compliance?

Not at all. We offer broad career opportunities in compliance. That means that we have both starters and senior compliance consultants working for us. Together we make sure that you get familiar with the world of compliance. Because we manage the projects ourselves, we can determine where our people are deployed. We are very considerate about your experience and personal wishes. With us, you learn the profession, and your ambitions play a vital role in your development. From the start, you follow a learning path with challenging assignments and a thorough theoretical course. 

What does Partner in Compliance want to achieve with campus recruitment?

Visibility among students, so they know how to find us for an interesting job at a great company that operates in a socially relevant field. And that we can reach out to young and ambitious talents for our challenging assignments. Due to our rapid growth, we are continually looking for new colleagues.

Are you the talent we are looking for? Are you eager to discover the possibilities within compliance? Explore more on our career page.

Do you think your student association and Partner in Compliance could start a collaboration? Then give Maarten C. de Jong a call, and let’s meet up for a cup of coffee. Please call him on this number: 06 412 80 996.