At Partner in Compliance, we are passionate about compliance and integrity. Our experienced team has a pragmatic and hands-on approach and works from our headquarters located in Amstelveen and our office in Curacao. Over the past years, we have successfully helped many clients and built trustworthy and long-term business relationships. Whether it’s about offering consultancy services, managing projects, providing external compliance officers or giving training – together, we move forward towards integrity.

our North Star

Our story

What once started as a single compliance consultant has quickly grown into a compliance consulting firm. It began with the ambition to revolutionize the way that companies interpret and manage their compliance practices. Also, there was a desire to transfer knowledge to young professionals and to educate them with the required skills before starting the job in the field. Furthermore, it could guarantee continuity of services for existing clients and offer various possibilities to extend among other organizations.

Partner in Compliance has always been a practical organization with a pragmatic approach, great competence and experience in translating legal theory and regulations into practice. We will provide you with the utmost expert guidance for your organization’s compliance strategy to meet the supervisory authority requirements.

We offer services to local and international clients, coming from countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and the Caribbean region. We assist our clients worldwide, operating from our offices in Amstelveen and Willemstad (Curacao). Our compliance professionals are equipped with years of experience in working within an international and local environment in various fields, both in and outside the financial sector.


It is our mission to work together with organizations on the improvement of their integrity.


What do we stand for?
We believe that integrity is essential. Integrity and compliance are accessible and achievable for any organization.

How do we know that we can achieve it?

The power of your people
We strongly believe that your strength lies in your employees when introducing changes for your organization. At Partner in Compliance, we are convinced that employees are holding the key to truly improve your working culture.

Work efficiency
Compliance programs and strategies could often be strategically better planned and designed more efficiently. Through the right knowledge and experience, we can help you achieve it. Our clients deserve the finest services and therefore, we do everything considered necessary to exceed their expectations by offering the highest quality services in the most efficient way.

Trustworthy relationships
The success of our organization lies in building trustworthy and long-term relationships. Whenever you need us, we are your Partner in Compliance!


We act with integrity

Having integrity as our core value, we want to deliver our contribution by improving integrity at organizations. This is not only about complying with laws and regulations, but also about raising awareness of the importance of integrity. Therefore, we eagerly share knowledge and experience with our clients.

We are independent

We are an independent company fully specialized in compliance. Any conflicts that can possibly arise at larger consultancy organizations as a result of their diverse range of services in the field of audit, assurance, research and other related fields of activity would not occur at Partner in Compliance.

We are pragmatic

Our consultants are highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who can speak your language with a great understanding of the business. They are able to empathize with the client, they approach matters from the right perspective and they help you to build bridges. All of this with a pragmatic approach.

We are sustainable

For us, it is essential to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients and employees.

We greatly value communication during an assignment and follow-up processes. We want our clients to know that they can heavily rely on us in good and bad times. Investing in our people’s vitality is our priority. We support their psychical and mental health. At Partner in Compliance, we are proud of our running team and volunteers who for a few days in a year engage in a project dedicated to corporate social responsibility.

Our Partners

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