Joop Jansen works as Chief Legal Officer at Partner in Compliance. He specializes in privacy, directors’ liability and corporate law from his prior experience in advocacy and legal advisory practice. Subjects that often play a significant role for clients of Partner in Compliance. He is happy to help you as a client, offering his expertise and experience. Because he believes in integrity. Joop is pleased to introduce himself.

Nothing great in the world was accomplished without passion.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Tell us something about yourself that will help us get to know you better.

One of my favorite hobbies is running. I run at least twice a week. Even on vacation, I take my running shoes with me. Running requires perseverance and a great deal of patience to reach your goal. It is just like with projects or a consultancy assignment. There too, you work towards a certain final goal. There is little that stops me from achieving the goal. Headwinds, rain or snow, it does not matter. At most, I slightly adjust my speed and running technique, but my determination only gets stronger.

You are a lawyer by occupation. Why did you start working at Partner in Compliance?

In recent years, after graduating from law school with a specialization in financial law, I have worked as an attorney and legal advisor. I have advised on various subjects, such as acquisitions, setting up corporate structures, (directors’) liability, employment law, and privacy. Many of these legal matters are also relevant to our clients. Furthermore, employment law is useful internally. It was a natural step for me to join Partner in Compliance as a managing partner. I have a lot of expertise and experience to offer our clients, and on the other hand, it meets my growing need to be structurally involved in a company.

Besides your legal knowledge, what is your added value?

My entrepreneurship. As an attorney, I set up my own firm and built up my broad network. I love tackling the challenges that come with entrepreneurship and developing at the strategic level inherent in entrepreneurship. My approach, based on my entrepreneurship, is mainly pragmatic with an eye for your business. 

What motivates you?

Partner in Compliance is a professional party in the field of compliance consultancy, and it grows fast. The interface with my financial law specialization not only fits with our development strategy, but is also advantageous both internally and for our clients. Besides, a lot is happening in the compliance field in which we operate. We can be a meaningful partner to many organizations. Everything we do is with a team of exceptionally motivated colleagues. All this makes me very motivated to be part of our business.