Our society is getting more aware of the negative consequences of undermining crime, such as fraud and corruption. Fraud or corruption can also have negative consequences for your organization, such as fines and, as a result, a potential negative impact on its image. Whether your organization operates in the Netherlands or abroad, there is always a chance to face fraud or corruption.

Do you do business internationally? Then foreign anti-corruption policies may also affect your organization. Consider the example of the UK Bribery Act, which requires greater alertness to fraud and corruption for organizations with UK activities. Suitable measures ensure that your organization is in control.

Do you need advice or support in drawing up and implementing controls or an effective code of conduct? Do you need help with fact-finding or fraud and corruption-related matters? Then Partner in Compliance is there for you!

What do we offer?

We offer support and advice in the prevention of fraud and corruption, in the investigation of an incident, and in the follow-up process after an incident or a possible (FIOD) raid.

Prevention of fraud and corruption
Does your organization deal with customers, third-party hires, or tenders? Do you do business with countries where corruption is a relatively common practice? Is the risk of corruption a serious topic in the boardroom of your organization? Or is there another reason for you to work on fraud and corruption prevention?

We offer:

  • quick scan, on the current situation or for a specific issue.
  • research into third parties.
  • risk analysis of all business operations regarding fraud and corruption.
  • setting up or improving the Compliance Management System (ISO 19600).
  • setting up an anti-bribery and corruption management system (ISO 37001).
  • setting up the role of (external) compliance officer.
  • training and creating awareness in doing business with integrity, both nationally and internationally, as must be the norm.
  • audit, after setting up control measures.

Controlling the risks of fraud and corruption requires controlled and sound business operations. As a Partner in Compliance, we can help your organization in the entire compliance field. Read further about what we offer in the area of compliance consultancy.

In the event of an incident or (FIOD) raid
Has there been unexpected fraud or corruption within your organization? Then a professional fact-finding investigation is the first step in finding out how this could have happened and why the alarm bells did not ring sooner. The next step is, of course, to answer the question: how can you prevent such incidents in the future? We offer you an independently conducted self-investigation, taking into account:

  • the circumstances or the fact-finding process.
  • the role of third parties.
  • the role of your own employees.
  • the full involvement of your organization in the investigation.
  • that the damage is kept to a minimum (damage control).

  • What do we consider a good self-investigation?
    A compliance audit/investigation on fraud and corruption conducted on your own organization in response to an incident. In the way that a supervisor or investigative service would carry out such an investigation. Believing that as an organization, you care about integrity.
  • When do you do self-investigation?
    Self-investigation focuses on an incident that your organization found out about itself or that was discovered by the government or media. You have it conducted alongside or instead of the government to resolve the incident and formulate preventive measures.
  • What does it get your organization in the event of a fraud or corruption incident?
    It quickly provides your organization with clarity on the problem, its scope, and the appropriate measures to be taken. You are directly in charge of the investigation. The government and a judge positively value self-investigation. It can be a base for a possible follow-up process with the Public Prosecution Service.
  • Who should you choose to carry out your self-investigation?
    Initially, people often think of calling in their own lawyer or accountant for self-investigation purposes. However, it is better to have the forensic investigation performed by a specialized company, such as Partner in Compliance. Due to our independence, our forensic investigation expertise and our speed and efficiency - resulting in lower costs.

Follow-up: after an incident or a possible (FIOD) raid
The next step is to answer the question: how can you prevent a fraud or corruption incident from happening in the future? We offer you:

  • training and creating awareness among your employees.
  • guiding the management and creating the right tone at the top.
  • setting up or improving the Compliance Management System (ISO 19600).
  • setting up an anti-bribery and corruption management system (ISO 37001).
  • setting up the role of (external) compliance officer.
  • monitoring of the control measures based on the risk analysis.
  • independently overseeing compliance with settlement agreements (fulfilling the role of the Monitor)

What types of organizations do we work for?

We offer our services to organizations that want to prevent fraud and corruption and to organizations confronted with either of them. Our focus lies on the private sector, both national and international. Think of organizations dealing with bidding, tenders, agents, intermediaries, or offshore structures. You can also think of organizations that trade with countries or sectors where corruption is still common. In the event of an incident, we can work together with your law firm, which provides legal advice and guidance to the Public Prosecutor, when we take care of the fact-finding.

Why do we combine fraud and corruption in one expertise?

For prevention, incident support, and post-incident aftercare, we offer the same services for fraud and corruption. The approach to both offenses is very similar. In addition, corruption often goes hand in hand with fraud. Corruption payments or receipts are concealed in the administration, often by forging contracts or invoices.

Knowing your employees, clients, and relations is also crucial in preventing and combating fraud and corruption.

How do you benefit from working with us?

Our independence guarantees an unbiased and open vision of the approach to fraud and corruption within your organization. If we carry out an investigation, it can be used, for instance, in the report for the FIOD and the Public Prosecution Service. 

Bringing in the knowledge of the expert
With our expertise in the field of anti-fraud and anti-corruption, you benefit from our years of experience. Experience with forensic investigations and specific work experience with the FIOD (Fiscal Information and Investigation Service). We offer this expertise combined with our extensive knowledge and experience in customer and relations research (Know Your Customer, KYC). Knowing your employees, clients, and relations is also crucial in preventing and combating fraud and corruption.