Do you need advice or support in drawing up your CDD policy and setting up CDD processes? Do you require support with the implementation of technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? Or do you need support to ensure proper and timely execution of CDD research? Partner in Compliance can cater to all!

How do we work?

Best practice approach
We offer your organization advice and support in setting up, managing and staffing CDD projects. We take a risk-based approach to make your customers’ files fully compliant. All this, in line with the current requirements of the regulators. We guarantee our best practice approach based on our unique experiences with similar projects.

Prioritizing integrity
We want to do everything that is considered necessary to exceed our clients’ expectations by offering customized services with the highest level of quality. We have been able to prove customer satisfaction in any of our CDD projects, for clients in the financial sector and beyond. We carry out our projects believing that independence and integrity are the key elements.

What do we offer?

In addition to advice and support in drawing up CDD policy and setting up CDD processes, we can also conduct independent research. We then assess whether a representative selection of customer files is in line with the requirements of (inter-)national anti-money laundering legislation. We then present a report on our findings. We can help you formulate necessary changes to the CDD policies, procedures, and work instructions for your organization. 

Temporary or long-term support
Do you need extra knowledge or resources? For now, or in the long run? Do you need an experienced team that can immediately start and guarantee quick and effective results? Benefit from our expertise and experience by having us conduct your CDD research. We offer both temporary and long-term support services, on-site or at our KYC Centre. We offer you a completely worry-free option, from daily activities to end-to-end CDD projects.

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Support with the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
The use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the fastest-growing trends in the years to come. Robotic process automation is especially suitable for high-volume and repetitive processes, such as the preparation of CDD research. Thanks to the RPA solution, the software robot collects and enters customer data. Subsequently, an employee carries out the substantive CDD research. It means companies can use RPA to speed up and improve CDD activities. Your people will gain time to focus on the substantive assessment. And ultimately, the result: cost reduction, high accuracy, and higher employee satisfaction. We can support you with the use of RPA to make your CDD processes more efficient and effective.

What is the result?

Thorough risk assessment
With our support of CDD research, we can help your organization to be in control and compliant with anti-money laundering laws and regulations, without going overboard (simplicity). We offer temporary support to handle any backlog so that your organization can focus on the new CDD files. The result is that your organization complies with laws and regulations.

How do you benefit from working with us?

Based on years of experience and expertise, we can translate anti-money laundering laws and regulations into practice. Our approach is mainly pragmatic for the best interest of your organization and business operations.

Fixed-rate option
We offer your organization the unique option of a fixed price for conducting a certain amount of CDD files with a guarantee to deliver the best possible results and quality. Furthermore, we offer you a completely worry-free service.

Committed effective team
We offer you a permanent contact person who knows your organization well. Commitment and the best quality for a reasonable price are what we stand for.