Until not too long ago, compliance was seen as something of a temporary nature. Companies set up a project organization to perform compliance activities, such as transaction monitoring, market abuse investigation (MAR) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD). This temporary character has become permanent, making compliance an increasingly integrated part of business strategy, with systematic activities now being carried out in line. However, setting up a compliance project is useful for getting rid of a backlog or ad hoc thematic reviews. Because you need extra capacity or knowledge. Do you need to start a compliance project? Then Partner in Compliance is there for you!

Which types of organizations do we work for?

In today’s regulatory landscape, we see an increasing number of organizations and sectors that understand the social importance of compliance and want to act accordingly. In addition to the financial sector, there are organizations that, for instance, act as an intermediary (agent) in online services, such as online gambling sites, hotel booking platforms, and home delivery services.

How do we work?

Based on our knowledge and experience

Our strength lies on combining both our knowledge of compliance and experience in project management. We are the party that can deploy well-attuned project teams. We are the expert in advising, setting up, managing, and staffing compliance projects.

Customized services

Do you want us to carry out an entire project on behalf of your organization? That’s possible. Our multidisciplinary project teams can cater to all. Is there a need to change our team structure through the duration of the project? We will take care of it.

With our own people

Our project teams consist of specialists who are employed by us. In this way, we strive to guarantee the continuity and implementation of a project with a well-coordinated project team.

Including aftercare

Based on a thorough analysis, we provide advice and draw up a detailed project plan. We can carry out the entire project for you, including aftercare.

What is the result?

We can be brief about it. We only close a project and consider it accomplished once the agreed-upon result has been achieved. We ensure to deliver the highest quality services within the desired timeframe.

How do you benefit from working with us?

Fixed-rate option
When outsourcing a compliance project, we offer your organization the unique option of a fixed price for processing a certain number of alerts or files in combination with an assurance to deliver the best possible results and quality. Furthermore, we offer you a completely worry-free service.

Committed effective team
We offer you a permanent contact person who knows your organization well. Our consultants are specialists in the broad field of compliance and motivated professionals. They have the right knowledge and experience to answer your needs. Their project approach is based on best practices, which guarantees time-saving.

We are humble to say that we have a great track record in compliance projects. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re happy to tell you more about it in a personal conversation.